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When your back is against the wall what do you do?

This could be the view that you see for the next few weeks. When your back is against the wall what do you do? What do you do to protect your family? You retreat to nature. Regardless of if it's in one of our tents, get outta town while you can to a place that is peaceful and calm. When you are calm, you are powerful. You will see clearly. You can plan more strategically. You will protect your family.

When we go camping the kids run, they ride their bikes, they get dirty. Filthy dirty. One Christmas we went to the Gold Coast to get away for a few days. It wasn't even remote, but man... my kids love the fact that they could run all day, get dirty and not have to shower for 3 days. It was so much fun. The washing was a nightmare, but the kids loved it.

Getting out in the open is something we are all starting to feel grateful for right now. To run (2meters apart) in open spaces is now a joy. Hell, even i feel like putting the gin down and skipping a couple of laps of the oval... My point is that we see so much now. We see that socially interacting is beautiful. We see that getting out in the open is a luxury. We see that family truely is the most important thing in the world.

So when your back is against the wall, what do you do? You turn to mother nature. You turn to the things you cannot buy. The air, sun, sky, open space. We live in a beautiful world, and while we cannot explore it at the moment, why not take the opportunity to sit with friends and family and plan the biggest "come back party" the world has ever seen!

We can help you plan that event, big or small. From and intimate hangout with your partner to the biggest wedding village to beat any festival.

So why not put some excitement into your day and say "what if" or "wouldn't it be cool if" and plan a glamping getaway for when this virus leaves us once and for all.


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