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What to do if your wedding is affected by COVID.

We’re all looking to make our wedding day one that we’ll always remember. Here are a couple of ideas that might get you across the line should you be affected by COVID.

Don’t cancel – Postpone

This is a great way to help keep all the planning that you’ve done in check. Go back to each of your vendors, push out the dates by 6-8 months giving you a better chance of having all vendors available and give them three date options. Yes, you might have to be a little flexible, however, it means that in most cases you should be able to keep any deposits you’ve paid. You get to have a wedding and businesses can remain in business. Then, get creative! Come up with a narrative for your wedding story. Build some momentum. Use Instagram to post once a month a photo of you and your betrothed holding a chalkboard with the number of weeks until your big day. Play little games along the way. Have prizes for those who can guess the exact number of guests. Guess what’s on the menu. Get your guests to post one-liners on your page about how they know you. Your guests become the entertainment for your wedding. Imagine the memories you’ll create along the way.

If there’s one movie you should see this summer…

Lockdown is always going to be in the back of everyone’s mind unless you’ve decided to head straight to the registry office. It’s fun coming up with some creative ways to still have a memorable wedding day. Why not check out a photography/media company that can do multi-camera setups and stream your wedding LIVE. Film the wedding like it's a blockbuster movie. If there is a lockdown and your 150 guests can’t make it, this is a great way to still go ahead. Just think, if you can organize this event, imagine how easy it will be to organize a fabulous party later in the year and playback the movie, and recreate your wedding. Hot tip – wear the dress or suit TWICE!! You still can get married. You can still have the party and you can live out your dreams of being a movie star. Win-win really…


You can do so much with social media these days and we’ve all got that friend, usually a bridesmaid, who knows how to use their phone for socials like it’s a god-given superpower. Get them to be one of the 5-10 guests that can attend a wedding during the lockdown and get them to create socials for your wedding that any fortune-500 company would gag for. They can create stories, reels, Snapchat, lives, and tok-toks that will make the guests feel like they are watching it for real. You can share your big day with everyone. You can help promote the businesses that were involved in helping you with your big day. You’ll remember it forever. You give your bridesmaid the opportunity of a lifetime to show off their skills, and of course, you still get to get marry the one you love.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that yes, COVID and lockdowns suck. It’s not fair that you can’t see friends, family, or loved ones, but there are still ways you can celebrate. Find that little glimmer of happiness, that spark that ignites a memory. Marriage shouldn’t be about how big your wedding is. It should be about how you can express to the world how much you love your partner in life. It's about finding happiness in the darkness. That one Facebook clip, snap chat, or Insta post might just make someone rejoice in your happiness. Be creative. Get everyone involved. Ask the question... "How much fun can we have?..."

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