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What are the benefits of going glamping?

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I remember as a kid mum putting us in the back of the car and taking us for a long Sunday drive. There were no iPads, no walkmans, no digital anything. We just had the window.

I remember having to just look out the window and watch the scenery go. I didn’t realize until I was older that while I was staring at a multitude of trees and mountains and paddocks, I became another person. I became creative. I used to make up stories and I'd sing to myself, I’d even get lost in ideas about what I will be when I grew up, or where I would go, and who were the people I would meet?

This brings me to the first of many benefits of going glamping. You find your imagination. You get away from the mundane life and think about how you can do things differently. You fantasize about “what if I did…” or “when I go to…” and my favorite, “this is what I’m going to do next…” Your imagination is sparked. Ignited. Is turned from black and white into a whiz-fiz induced rainbow. So much can happen when you kick start your imagination.

Another benefit of going glamping is that you are with your loved ones. Those are the most important to you. Those you want an uninterrupted connection with. You end up walking and talking, eating and drinking wine. You’re connecting. Exploring friendships. Enjoying that $26 bottle of wine and the spectacular Brie that you picked up at the deli. Moments are more decedent. They are remembered with more colour and emotion. The memories last so much longer.

Here’s another one. Everything is done for you. Yep, your mini hotel-away-from-a-hotel is pitched and styled before you get there. The bed is inflated and made with sheets, pillows, doonas and toppers. The floor is swept and clean. The fresh towels are placed sweetly on the bed. The extra blanket has been folded with care at the foot of the bed. Such luxurious comfort as you sigh a deep breath and step inside. A beautiful waft of linen spray hits you and think, “wow… they’ve thought of everything!”

You see, I do this because I love to explore the uniqueness that is our state and our country. I think the idea of setting up a Glamping Village for someone’s big day says so much about how kind and giving my clients are. The fact that they want to spend that time with you. That fact that you are almost more important than that conference, or their wedding. The fact they want to treat you to an experience that you’ll remember for a lifetime – yours and theirs.

Gone are the days where you get your partner pitch in the rain while you sit in the car, bored wishing you were at home on the couch with Netflix. Turning up to a snuggly space with a picnic and some wine and good old fashion conversation beats being bored sitting on the couch at home.

Yep, there are so many benefits to getting out amongst it and even though as I write this blog and we are in the grips of a global pandemic, I hope that I got you to use your imagination for a couple of minutes thinking about… well, thinking about anything other than a virus.

If there are any blogs you would like me to write, please feel free to contact me at I’m starting to like the idea of writing about the things I love.

Take care and Happy Glamping!

Jayne x

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