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This is for the mums and dads!

I thought I would share my homeschooling activities to help you have some ease during this time. The idea of eduction as we know it has changed before our very eyes, so let's be adaptable shall we?

My Mr 12's normal Monday looked like this. Food Tech, English and Maths. Happy Monday for this kid, right? So this is what I did.

DAY 1 of homeschooling I had a panic attack. How do i teach my kid year 7 maths? Wait, I'll spend today organising schedules, putting up learning guides and fun tasks for him to do. Day one - done and dusted.

DAY 2 get up thinking -"oh yeah, I got this." Got all three of my kids in different seats in the kitchen with their note books and pencils and started. 20mins in and it was carnage. Kids were questioning, yelling, wandering off to play with the dog (who i might add is suffering anxiety as the house is now FULL of people 24/7 and she's soooo not used to that. And let's not forget the cat that already hates the world and everything in it - how weird is it for her?)

Now I've missed 2 days of education for my kids - insert bad parenting mindset.

DAY 3 - ok, i gotta be agile. Ninja style. Let's start the day a little later. This was the turning point. Why? Because by 9.30 they were bored of sitting in front of the telly box and when i asked Miss 5 if she wanted to do some writing, she jumped at the chance. Had i stumbled onto something here...

Insert semi positive parenting mindset.

DAY 4 - lets get real. I started later in the day and all 3 kids jumped at the chance to do something. Food tech you say... hmm Mr 12 I challenge you to bake banana bread from scratch without my help. BOOM! that was 1 hour of pure genius. Miss 8 I challenge you to get all your Mathletics done on the laptop before the banana bread was baked. BOOM! 2 kids down and 1 to go. Miss 5 I challenge you to write your letters on your laminated page in a pattern of colours. All letters and numbers need to be done before the banana bread is baked. BOOM! 3 for 3!!! I even made my kids watch Gardening Australia. That, to me classified as sustainability/biology.

Once the bread was baked all three kids were at the end of their education for the day. Not bad. It lasted an hour. I taught one kid to make a coffee from the coffee machine instilling the idea that maybe making coffee for a living is a good way to earn some extra cash. I call that entrepreneurism. I taught another kid that yes, banana's are hard to cut when they are frozen because the freezer makes things hard to preserve them. Boom, science lesson.

Insert super positive parenting mindset along side the "I'll do whatever I need to do with my kids" mindset.

I guess my point is that no matter how we educate our kids, just by being parents we are teaching them something. We are teaching them resilience. We are teaching them compassion during this time. We are teaching the kids that there are somethings in life like cleaning a toilet is super gross, but its gotta be done! We are teaching the kids that the world will still continue to evolve and that we CAN evolve with it.

Hang in there all you mums and dads. Even if you're not doing any major education just being there for your kids is the most important. Read with them and do the times tables. Better yet, just play and hang out. Everyone is still trying to find their feet, lord knows I need to work out what i do to keep my business running and food on the table. We all have stresses and pretty bloody big ones, so teach the kids to help out at home. Those life skills will never go to waist.

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