It's all a bit of fun in the backyard!

Remember when you were a little kid and it would be pouring with rain outside and your mum would beg you to do something other than watch tv, so you'd run up to your room and build a cubby with your sheets and blankets. Your room would look like a raggle-taggle circus tent of woollen blankets hooked on bed corners and weighed down with books. Dolls, teddies and toys would be used to prop up the sides. You would shove your bedside light into the corner that had the most height so that you could still read underneath all that fabric.

Well, do your kids a favour and get them their very own tent that you can put up outside. Its safe, waterproof, durable, clean and they can still watch their ipad inside it.

Let's not take all the excitement out of the kids imaginations. Let them style it with all their teddies, toys and games and camp under the stars in your own backyard. It's not a great time in our lives, but as parents we want to protect our kids as best we can. Let them create with their own imagination in ways you didn't know they could do. We put some air beds in there, floor mats, even some lighting. But most of all you will be having fun, being distracted by something that's not digitally operated.

Here's an idea, it takes us 30-40 to pitch and style a Bare Bell, get one when they aren't at home and make a fuss when they see it. "What's going on? who pitched a tent in the backyard? What? How on earth? This has to go!" The kids will go nuts. "Mum! Mum! Can we keep it? Can I go in it? Can we SLEEP in it?" Watch the fun on their faces as they forget they can't hang out with the bunch of people from school.

It's something different. Something that the kids will remember. We have different packages to suit everyone. Contact us to get a quote.

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