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How Many People Can Fit in a tent?

I love this question and it’s the most often asked question for my business apart from are your tents waterproof! We have a handy little image that tells you the types of bedding configurations that you can have, but let that be your guide. We can still cater to most needs, all you gotta do is ask.

The number of people in a tent depends on the styling you want in that tent. In my next blog, I go through the steps to book and configure your own glamping village.

We have 3 sizes of tents.

The 4 Metre Bell Tent

The 5 Metre Bell Tent

The 6 Metre Bell Tent

The 4 Metre Bell Tent

To get a great experience in glamping I recommend that this tent sleep 2 adults. We have queen air mattresses which sit to one side of the tent centre pole. This allows for adults to move freely inside the tent. They can sleep to one side and get dressed on the other.

The 4-metre bell tent can sleep up to 5 kiddies on sleeping mats. Kids are way more compact than adults and will sleep on just about anything and with our sleeping mats, you can squeeze in a couple more kids. This is awesome for birthday parties!

· 2 adults on an air mattresses

· 5 kids on sleeping mats

The 5-Metre Bell Tent

This is the most popular of our sizes. Why? Because of the room, you get inside. This is where the more luxe end of glamping happens. We style our 5 metres like mini hotel rooms. We can do a deluxe double-height air mattress that sleeps 2 glampers, or if you’re on a budget you can 6 adults on sleeping mats, or, you can get 8/10 kiddo’s on sleeping mats.

· 2 adults on an air mattress

· 4 adults on 2 air mattresses

· 5 adults on single mattresses

· 6 adults on sleeping mats

· 8/10 kiddo’s on sleeping mats

The 6 Metre Bell Tent

This is the largest in our range. You can fit a family of 6 glampers all on airbeds. (1 queen and 4 single air mattresses). You can have up to 7 adults in single beds with a little room left over. I like to cap it at 7 so that you still have room to move around. If there is no room, you step on the beds and linen, you may lose your balance and fall, you may even feel that you are sleeping too close to someone else meaning that you won’t have a great experience (and I’m all about giving you the BEST and more luxurious glamping experience ever!). Some glamping companies will allow you to have more people. I believe that if you want to fully immerse yourself in the luxurious outdoors experience you want to have room when your sleeping too!

6 adults (3 couples) on queen air mattresses

7 adults on single mattresses

10/11 kiddos on sleeping mats

Our tents a super versatile. All you need to do is chat with us about what you want, and we’ll give you the options to choose from.

All our prices are based on a twin share. Just like a hotel ;)

Contact us to chat about what we can do for you and your event. Let us take the worry out of sorting out who sleeps where.

Talk soon,

Have a spectacular day!

Jayne x



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