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This post isn't just about the small businesses out there that are doing it tough, its about ALL business that are it tough.

If you have an event planned, don't cancel, just postpone. We're all very good at putting off doing the cleaning, or paying that bill, or doing exercise. We postpone lots of things in our daily lives, why not continue as normal and just put off your event for a few months.

We're all in this together. LITERALLY! There has been no other time in our lives (that I'm aware of) where the entire WORLD has had to join forces at the same time to get through. Now is it. So don't cancel. Keep your event live. Talk with your vendors and suppliers and come up with a solution to make your event bigger and better than was already planned. Ask if you can get a voucher for the amount you've spent so far. Ask what other dates are available. Keep the doors of small business open and the big business will be grateful for that as well. Help give people that sense of hope that there is something awesome to look forward to after this scare.

We all just got grounded and sent to our rooms by Mother Earth and The Universe for a good 2 months to think about what we've done. Let's take this opportunity to learn from it and look forward to some fabulous times ahead.

If you cancel, there will be no event companies to plan your spectacular wedding. There will be no fabulous party hire companies to get marquees from. There will be no beautiful wedding dress, no champagne in the glass and no perfect photo that you can insta for the next 3 years.

So, #dontcanceljustpostpone and help everyone get back on their feet.



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