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5 Wedding tips for every glamping bride...

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Since we started on this journey 3 years ago, we have done a hefty amount of weddings and we've picked up a few super useful tips that we think every glamping bride should know in order to make their day, stress-free

1 - Backup Info

Give the glamping details to someone in the bridal party as a backup. Even if she just has the basic details in an email, it's always good for someone else to have it on the day. You would hate to be having a good old catch-up with Aunty June and Uncle Roy when another guest can't find their tent. Your fabulous backup can swoop in and save the moment, making you look like the relaxed and loved-up bride that you are. We glamping companies love it when we don't have to interrupt the bride or groom on their day and that if there are any issues about who's in what tent, there is always a backup to save the day.

2- Site Inspection

We love going to new locations and venues, but we always do a site inspection. This is a great way for us to firstly, measure the space to make sure your number of tents will fit, and secondly, we can talk to you about the layout - where you want the tents facing or if you want them in a straight line. You get to design the look of your personal glamping village.


If you think the above idea is great, then find some spare cash and hire them for the entire event. These people are your fairy godmother/father with the best wavey wand you've ever seen. No issue is too big or too small for them to deal with. These people will have literally seen everything and will know how to deal with everything. If it's 9months out and you're still thinking about your floral scheme, it's time to get some help. We love working with event coordinators because they become our go-to person during the setup. Event coordinators make things happen - one second you're standing in an open field where your glamping village is going and the next thing you know 20 luxury camping tents are pitched and ready to go. The day is seamless and hassle-free.

4 - Toilets and Showers

If you are on a property out of town make sure you hire good quality bathroom/shower facilities. People hate camping in general when there are no toilets so bathroom ensuites are a must-have when you are having a glamping wedding. Most portable bathroom companies have a wedding range. Don't get scared as these are the ones you want! They have lighting, air conditioning, music, soft toilet tissue, and above all SPACE. You need room to move when you need 5 minutes to think. Your festival wedding just became the event of the year.

5 - Photos

We are always asked to send through photos of what the setup looked like on the day. I'm a glamper, not a photographer so we suggest getting your photographer to take a couple of snaps of your glamping village so that you can remember what it looked like along with the rest of your big day.

Being able to tell your love story with fantastic images is what creating a memorable wedding is all about. With a stunning bride and groom, good food, great location, and a luxury camping experience you are sure to have the wedding you've always dreamed of.

photo: nicolalemmonphotography

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