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10 ‘Must-Packs’ for your Glamping Adventure

Glamping; its sort of like camping, but a little more fancy [or glamorous, if you will]. Outside the tent it’s much the same as camping, there is usually a fire pit, there’s always a little dirt [or mud], and there’s a whole lot of campsite banter. But, inside the tent you will find a little more luxury like a double height air bed, crisp hotel-quality linen and plenty of space to move around.

And, because it’s still ‘camping’ to some degree, there are a few camping-esque items you’ll want to pack with you for your glamping adventure.

Bug spray

We all know that a Queensland summer can bring out bugs and we’d hate for your glamping holiday to be shadowed by mosquito bites and flies

Sunblock & a hat

You’re probably going to be spending more time outdoors than you have in years – be sun smart. You don’t want to go home with anything other than memories.

A torch We’ll make sure you’ll be lit up inside the tent, but you will need to bring something to see around the campsite.

Shoes [that you’re okay to get dirty] Truth is; around camp can get a little dirty and muddy, especially over summer. It’s best to make sure you have some closed in shoes that you’re happy to get a bit dirty.

Cooker & cutlery All of our tents have a two-night minimum, and if you’re glamping somewhere without a camp kitchen, you might want to throw a cooker into the back of the car so that you’re able to enjoy some campsite feasts.

Camping chair Whether it’s to sit around the campfire or near the closest creek with a fishing rod, you’ll want to be able to sit down and relax.

Your favourite book A glamping adventure usually means that there is going to be some spare time up your sleeve to catch up on that book you’ve been thinking about for months.

Charged electronics & a power pod Chances are your glamping village won’t have a power supply and so, if you aren’t quite ready to let go of the luxury of modern technology, we suggest you have your phone fully charged and a fully charged power pod as backup [one thing we should disclaim, phone reception isn’t always available at the campsite].

A sense of adventure Sure it’s undoubtedly glamping on the inside of the tents, we’ll make sure you have those little luxuries you’re used to at home like hotel quality sheets, and comfy seating is inside, but on the outside of the tents – it’s a little bit more like the camping you’re used to!

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