The birthday boho is our favourite bell to pitch.  If you like our signature glamping mint colour style or you want to go for a more sophisticated glamping event, the navy and gold style is for you! Whatever you choose, you are going to have the most glamorous birthday event of the year.  

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We've got three sizes to choose from. 

4meter Bell - perfect for 3 glampers

5meter Bell - perfect for 4-5 glampers

6meter Bell - perfect for 6-7 glampers

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Whether you live in the city or the country, we can create our unique glamping experiences in your very own backyard…. All we need is a little patch of grass and we can create magic! We love putting together something really unique, especially for kids birthday – we know it’ll be something your little one will never ever forget. So long as you have space in your backyard, we can pitch a tent, style it with our unique ‘Glamping Hire Co's touch and everyone will have a party adventure that is beyond their wildest dreams. If only the canvas walls could talk!