Glamping ~ noun, a form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping.

A combination of glamour and camping. That's what we do.  We make it luxuriously for you. 

It's our Birthday! hiphip hooray!

I know what you want. To get out and get away from it all for your wedding.  Make it last. Make it memorable. Make it a mini-festival. We're coming up with a range of new packages.  One's that will make your eye pop! Tipi's and tents, oh my...

And don't forget about the locations and venues!  We've got some fabulous ones to suggest.

Your special moment just turned into the EVENT of the YEAR

What do you really want?

Headin' out of town?

Take your self-isolation to the next level.  Find a patch of grass or sand, whatever is your preference, make sure you can camp there and then call us.  See this pic?  This is what we deliver, you don’t have to bring a thing.  Just imagine that hotel experience, but in the great outdoors – ah, the serenity… 

Ohmmmm... RETREATS

For wellness, education, mental health... no matter the reason we can all do with a little bit of opening up our chi, balancing our Yin, or nurturing our Yan.

Glamping Hire Co. can help you event manage your retreat, or we can program one for you.

Yoga retreats are our specialty.  C'mon clear your chakra's with us.  

Pitched to Perfection


Everyone dreams of an unforgettable wedding rich with glamour, style and romance.  Make your special day shine with the ultimate glamping getaway for you and your wedding guests! Whether it's a romantic bell tent for two, a unique bridal suite or a pop-up glamping "village" for 80+ guests, let us do all the work for you so that you and your visitors can relax, enjoy the festivities, and have the time of their lives.


When work gets the better of your team, take them on a corporate retreat in one of our corporate setups.  Glamping is an incredible way to build rapport, strengthen relationships and experience the great outdoors - in complete style - all while staying clean and comfortable in one of our large canvas tipis!  Need a unique event space to bring the best out in your team?  you can't get any more unique than this!  Strategically plant those new ideas and watch them grow and prosper.


"Glamping perfection! Beautiful in every way. The A-Team outdid themselves and I cannot wait to use them again for my 40th celebration! Thanks guys, my glamping experience was totally unforgettable! ~ FB

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